Autobiography Center Timeline

My book asks you to reflect on significant life events and/or periods in your life. You observe the how, when, and to what level you relied on each of your three intelligence centers to cope, manage, or break through significant events or periods in your life. I call it your foundation story. It is a summary of the most significant experiences, which meaningfully shaped your life.

By graphing your foundational autobiography, you’ll establish what your creative patterns have been so far (based on your head, heart, and gut). The center time-lifelines can help trace when, if ever, you were blocked in your heart or head or gut intelligence centers, and which center(s) led you out of the blockage. Can you trace which center(s) was leading during significant periods? And where are you now in terms of your centers’ activities? Try plotting your results here. My graph is shown below:
[visualizer id=”112″]
Read more in my book.


Years with significant events

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