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Some initial reviews and praise for: The Three Sources of Creativity: Breakthroughs from Your Head, Heart and Gut

Smart and insightful on creativity. Three Sources of Creativity is a smart, insightful and encouraging take on developing your own personalized approach to creativity. The author describes differing forms of creativity which are sourced in head heart and gut; sometimes these get along and sometimes they hinder each other.
While Brandt says creativity is ultimately a mystery, there is much we can do to set a welcoming context. We can discern our own pattern of creativity and set it in motion; we can proactively bring attention and intention to the process, learn to be confident in our approach, even as we are uncertain of the outcome’s particulars; we can develop and draw upon specific metaphors that hold personal meaning as creative touchstones; we need to be willing to stretch ourselves, generally requiring affirmative effort.
(Special mention to Brandt for her exploration of one of my favorites : the Catalan architect Gaudi, and his wildly out-of-the box cathedral Sagrada Familia.)
An interesting, provocative self-assessment is included. Recommended.
-Michael J. Goldberg, author of The 9 Ways of Working and Travels with Odysseus

“This is a thought provoking book. The concepts contained in the book rang true to me and caused me to think more deeply about my own thought processes. In particular I recognized the need I have to reconcile my logical self with my emotional self.
Betsy’s sharing of her own experiences and life choices also caused me to reflect on my own life in a meaningful way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and refer to it from time to time as a reference.”
AR Limbert, Consultant in Energy Sector, Melbourne, Australia

From a Visual Practitioner in the aerospace business…

As one who is essentially a doer, I expect that I am typical in that I spend much of my time working on projects and a lot less of my time on understanding my thinking process, as it relates to projects.
Like most, I simply expect ideas to come as my understanding of the subject I’m working on at the time evolves and its interrelationship with reality becomes clear to me.
But my creative muse doesn’t always come when I call, and I can’t count the times I’ve found myself essentially beating my head against the blank walls of my imagination trying to use brute force to extract that missing bit of inspired insight that I know is out there, that I can almost smell, but continues to elude me.
Betsy Brandt’s “Three Sources of Creativity” is one of those books that asks us to stop inflicting such frustration on ourselves and proposes that our productive capability could be a lot more free if we were to re-examine our thinking processes, first, by demolishing the mythology around the “magical nature” of creativity in a similar that I do in my own work – teaching engineers how to draw, by reminding them that as engineers, they don’t believe in magic.
Her metaphor, The head, heart and gut works well to organize her ideas.
Then she gets down into the practical nature of creativity, by explaining he principles and driving concepts that either limit or unleash the readers creative capabilities.
Her examples of a wide array of people and their personal approach to creativity and problem solving are many and varied, such that the reader is left with a broad range of directions to explore as well as a useful collection of tools with which to examine one’s own thinking.
This is not a book that can be read in one pass, especially by someone like myself who tends to wander through material like this in a non-linear fashion, and it’s not the last word on what amounts to a vast subject, but as it stands, it provides a lot to think about, and you will likely revisit ideas several times as you see them in different contexts over time.
It’s my opinion that at this time in history, as our global culture struggles to come to grips with multiple dimensions of complexity (economic, cultural and ecological), I find it helpful to have as many problem solving, thinking and creativity tools as possible, making such books essential.
So get THIS book… it will broaden your perspective, at the very least.
Michael Erickson, Visual Practitioner at The Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington

Accessible read for increasing one’s own creativity

There are many books on creativity–a holy grail of human inquiry, so to speak–and Brandt adds to the conversation with “The Three Sources of Creativity”. Brandt sees creativity as ever present and accessible to all, an inherent part of being human; to be sure, creativity is not reserved for a chosen few. A former geologist and current OD/leadership consultant, her humanist model hinges on three, more holistic sources: the heart, head, and gut. She has taken the time to pull together rich and diverse examples, which really brings each of the “sources” to life. The strength of the book is on the practical ways to implement it in one’s life–it’s not just a philosophical tome on creativity. As a supplement to the book, she runs a creativity blog, and offers a quiz that allows for personal assessment of one’s own creative tendencies. The book then can help target where you want to strengthen your own skills. Good read for those interested in releasing the three sources of one’s creativity!
Michele Benton, CONSULTANT & CAPABILITY BUILDER: Strategy | Marketing Excellence | Creativity | Leadership & Change, Raleigh, North Caroline

Sound theory and great practical value to boost one’s creativity.

Everyone can be creative is the mantra of the author. And she gives plenty of real-world examples. Keys are to have self-confidence, to look for inspiration, and to get out of your comfort zone. An example of the first is Muhammed Ali who always radiated self-confidence. If we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we get others to believe in us? At the center of creativity, according to the author, are head, heart and gut. These three sources of intelligence are like the three principal colors of blue, red, and yellow. All other colors come from a combination of these. So interactions between head, heart and gut produce different kinds of creative notions and actions. After separate chapters on the three sources of intelligence, using well-known persons to illustrate, the author of the book finishes with the powerful concept that organizations can enable creativity. The book has reminded me of the value of being more creative, and by identifying the three sources of intelligence, has provided a roadmap to help boost my creativity. Five stars from me.
Ian Palmer, Petroleum Engineer, Worldwide Consultant, PHD Physics, ABQ, NM

This should be in every school….

I have an M.Ed. in Counseling, and I am also a leather and metal artist and engraver. I thought I was at a point in my life where I had the wisdom and courage of age to be as creative as I wanted or needed to be. Since reading Ms. Brandt’s book, I now understand that I have so much more potential as an artist than I ever allowed myself to realize. This book has given me “permission” to listen far more intently and respond to my artistic impulses, and has also given me the language to inspire others in my life who seek further artistic growth and sophistication. Reading it has done my spirit good, and all students of any creative endeavor should be heartily encouraged to read it.
E. McKenna, Owner of McClintracts LLC/Sr. Clinical Research Consultant

Excellent Source for suggestions & ideas in Creativity & Innovation.This book was filled with thought-provoking suggestions and ideas in the arena of creativity and innovation. It is a must reference guide to use as a catalyst when a new kick-start is needed or a new project with new challenges is in the works.
George Sayre , Rogers Ar., Energy advisor at ExxonMobil
A very engaging and entertaining book that provides a useful roadmap to live a creative and rewarding life. A very engaging and entertaining book that provides a useful roadmap to live a creative and rewarding life! The book is full of interesting references to history, science, art and literature.
It would be useful to individuals as well as businesses or organizations that are interested in growth and creativity.
P. Johnson, Doctor,Santa Fe Pathology Services, PA, Santa Fe, NM
Written from the heart. A well researched book, written from the heart. The U tube inclusions of historical creative people were a great compliment to the text in the E-reader version.
Jim F. Ramay, Retired Geophysicist, Senior Advisor, ExxonMobil
Dynamic! Awesome, fascinating book; dynamic in every way. The author has recorded a wealth of information masterfully.I think I’ll read it again. I have had two Bibles: the Bible and “Women Who Run With the Wolves.” Now I have three. Hip-hip-hooray for this book and thank you! 
Susan A. Schneider, a book lover from Cerrillos, NM

Using your creative skills! Great book. Helpful in both personal and business life. Great tips on using your inherent strengths.
Bill Helmich Associates, President, Management Consultant, ABQ, NM

The author says, most people think they have a book “in them.” Many write that book. All too often they have an idea but they aren’t great writers. In my opinion, this author is a great writer with an interesting idea. I often do seminars on leadership when I travel. It is purely based on my intuitive sense. This current book is giving me some real content for the seminar. I am discussing the Three Sources of Creativity and attribute the concepts back to the author. I am using this book in my leadership workshops and pastoral leadership training.
Bob Harper, Lead Pastor, The Vineyard, Ventura, CA
I am an Canadian Architect living in Montreal.
I recently started the searching phase and research momentum until i came across the author’s book, The Three Sources of Creativity. I am still in the first 100 pages :), so still a lot to discover. I’m a big fan of this author’s writings.
Sam Kahil,Owner/ Architect at L’Alter Atelier, Montreal, Canada

With every page I find myself (almost) every line highlighted. Because of your book, I signed up for Beginner’s Drawing at UNM Con Ed. Great book ! Actually, the tree is my current creativity metaphor (mentioned in book), but working to expand. Basically do the fundamentals (roots) and the rest will take of itself.
Will Smith, Retired Executive, Burger King Corporation, ABQ, NM

Well, I needed a good advice on creativity and I got more than one good advice from this wonderful book. I think reading in your book kind of put me into this new direction, I read about one hour yesterday in your book again, can’t wait to talk about it on Friday at my community college jewelry design coarse. The instructor asked us to bring our favorite book about “where to go in our lives and with what we do next,” so I will bring your book.
Heike Strobel, Germany, artist, Artisana, LLC, Santa Fe, NM

Excellent work, I love it ! Bought the book and currently reading it; I honestly think you’ve hit the nail square on the head with this one! Needless to say I find the subjects of your predicament very interesting. The mannerisms you’ve chosen to portrait your visions makes the concepts incredibly versatile. Page after page, the book it’s infused with that stuff that skilled writers use to entice their readers. The choice of words and the transparent structuring of every sentence makes the book suitable for to a wide range of readers. A Sincere well done its in order for you; ” simply a grate compendium ” that’s how I like to define it! I Sincerely hope…for more of your wonderful work! Many Thanks for the joy your words provided me.
Raffaello Amadio,Executive development chef / Operations Director at Chef Academy Ltd, London, United Kingdom






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