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I ask you to write a poem inspired from your own personal worldview discussed in chapter one of my book. The topic is around the sun and the earth. A recent National Science Foundation study involving 2,200 participants stunned me. The study found 25 percent of Americans got this question wrong: “Does the Earth go around the sun, or does the sun go around the Earth?” That’s right – one in four Americans think the sun goes around the earth! The next time you watch a sunset or sunrise, can you imagine the earth moving instead of the sun? Write a poem, up to twenty lines, either rhyming or free verse, on the subject of the sun and earth. Write it from your own worldview. I will post the poems here. Mine is below:

Loving Our Blue Earth (Worldview Poem and exercise from the book)
By Betsy Brandt


Love spoke and made our blue earth, not to be the center of the universe, but its muse,
Love spoke and made our blue earth the third rock from the sun, Terra, solid, drifting, with vibrant, exploding life,
Love spoke and made the third rock spin and circle around the sun, with a tilt Terra spins, making seasons abound, arrays of colors bursting,
Love spoke and made Luna, dazzling sister to our blue earth, tugging, teasing our waters, one declared we’d often visit, just because,
Love spoke and made our sun, stunningly rise and fall peacefully for our blue earth, but no, Love gently spins and turns Terra to the East each day, Love spoke and made our sun, Helios, our brightest Hero Star, one we could ever follow, never floating away, like Love itself,
Love spoke and made our Star give our blue earth, light, life, our sight, warmth- just right, boundless energy, gratefully received,
Love spoke and made our blue earth ride in the Galaxy of Milky Way, majestic spiral, glowing band, heavenly teeming of kinship,
Love spoke and made Love to be written in the Sky, never alone, designed, evolving, sustained harmony, loving our blue earth, gracefully conceived for Love.

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