Where does creativity come from?

The truth is we are all creative, yes even you! You don’t need to be slightly crazy, or to be struck by lightening to be creative. We need to change our thinking and feelings about it. Creativity does not exist only for the special few. Our creativity flows through our three intelligence centers, available to be tapped, 24 hours/7 days a week.

New Creative Intersections

You will gain an awareness of how your head, heart, and gut (intuition) interact with each other (or not) in your own creative process. And you will experiment with this interaction. There are different kinds of intersections between centers. Some are friendly and synergistically confirming of one another, while others are contradictions between intelligence centers. They do not agree with each other on subject matter, choices, decisions, etc. Both kinds are equally important to the creative process.

Three primary colors create all other colors. I symbolically use blue for the head center, red for the heart center and yellow for the gut center. When these colors intersect they create new, secondary colors (breakthroughs).


Our creativity need not live dormant within us. Read more in my book and take the self-assessment. Which is your dominant center? Which is your support center? And which is your underused/undervalued center in your creative process?wheredoesyourcreativity.005Read more about this in my book.


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2 thoughts on “Where does creativity come from?

  1. Birgir Rafn Friðriksson

    Hello miss Betsy Brandt

    my name is mr.Birgir Rafn Friðriksson, an Icelandic born artist/teacher/father/and many things more. I stumbled on to your NIUME Creativity blog and was inspired. Somehow I found it so charmingly optimistic that I did clic the ‘my website’ link. The three way theory intrigues me (Head, heart and gutter), in particularly where it entwines (as far as I can see by the cover of your book and the fun short youtube video about the 3 origins of creativity) the 3 prime colors. I would like to know what you have to say about that, so: Where can I buy a copy of your book? Kind regareds, Birgir Rafn


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