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After spending years doing the research for my creativity book, I became well acquainted with the characters. I feel as if each became a friend of mine in the process!  The exemplars demonstrate how they dealt/deal with their creative sources. We connect with their deep center struggles and triumphs. Likewise, we learn more about our own creative patterns through them.

Inspiration comes from: Einstein’s genius experiments (and greatest blunder), the reluctant revolutionary Charles Darwin, King Solomon’s glory and demise, Thomas Edison’s gut in overdrive (and Nikola Tesla’s “head” reaction to him), Meryl Streep’s secret, Antonio Gaudi’s Cathedral from heaven, J Paul Getty’s mysterious kouros, Wayne Gretzky “improv” skating, Jackson Pollock’s dancing art, LBJ and MLK’s unlikely gut collaboration, Craig Ventor’s versus the Gov’s human genome wresting match, St. Peter’s gut-filled reactions, Navy seals, Eckhart Tolle’s power of now, President Lincoln’s extraordinary heart fruit, Steve Jobs’ heart driven i-creativity, Mother Teresa’s anguished higher calling, McCartney & Lennon’s harmonic heart songs, Seinfeld’s anti-heart sitcom, Lance Armstrong’s tormented heart, the social entrepreneur Eleanor Roosevelt, musician King David, and many more.

The exemplars exhibit the six patterns of creativity clearly for us, these naturally flow from our three sources. I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I have!

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