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You are Already Creative: You have THREE INTELLIGENCE CENTERS, which serve as DISTINCT SOURCES for CREATIVITY. Each is EQUAL in its capacity to deliver breakthrough results. Learn how to take advantage of each one in your own creative process: Your head, heart and gut intuition. The goal is for one source not to suck the life out of the other two sources; but to unite to create intersections, which synergistically bring NEW CREATIVE LIFE.

Find out Why:
Creativity is a mystery and not the same as innovation
Creativity is not about having the “right tools”
You are undervaluing your own creative strengths

This is not another book about theory or someone else’s prescription for creativity. It is about YOUR OWN UNIQUE BRAND OF CREATIVITY. The Three Sources of Creativity contains a treasure chest of proven approaches, a self-assessment, exemplars (modern & ancient) and exercises tailored to your own purposes and processes. Learn to strategically LEVERAGE YOUR THREE SOURCES OF CREATIVITY in your life and workplace.

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