Photo entries from the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

Each year the Sony World Photography Awards opens up a competition for photographers worldwide ( Every year the entries are breath taking and eye opening. I’ve posted below some 2015 competition entries… Here are 7 of the best photos from the open category, which is open to novice, youth, and professionals. Which of these are you most drawn to? What does your head, heart and gut (uniquely) say about your favorites?

The one I’m most drawn to is first. Orangutan In The Rain. I can feel the misty rain in my body center (and it feels warm and soothing), my heart center melts, loves this sweet little guy and my head center is drawn in by his ingenuity. These are three distinct messages from each of my intelligence centers regarding this photo.

Orangutan In The Rain Indonesia-based Photographer Andrew Suryono shares of his magical photo, “I saw this Orangutan took a banana leaf and put it on top on his head to protect himself from the rain!” What is your head, heart, and gut reaction(s) to this photo?sony-world-photography-awards-entries-2015-1








Times Are Hard For Dreamers by Malaysian-based photographer Ahmad Zikri Mohamad Zuki captured this photo of a woman suspended in a whirlwind of feathers. What is your head, heart, and gut reaction(s) to this photo?


The Morning Ritual by Photographer Nick Ng from Malaysia took this photo in Kolkata, India where locals gather early in the morning to bathe in the Hooghly River. What is your head, heart, and gut reactions?


The Trace Of An Ancient Glacier by Miquel Ángel Artús Illana took this photo of the one road that ribbons throughout Denali, a six million acre stretch of wild land. The photo was taken in Autumn to highlight the remarkable landscape and vast array of colors. What is your head, heart, and gut reaction(s) to this photo?


“Hi… Who Are You?” by Georg May from Germany submitted his photo of a curious Blue Tit bird checking out its reflection in the water. What is your head, heart, and gut reaction(s) to this photo?


Hamer Man by Diego Arroyo Mendez of Spain captured this photo of a Hamer man collecting wood in Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia. With the wood the man planned to build a defensive fence for cattle. What is your head, heart, and gut reaction(s) to this photo?


Timeless Affection by Arief Siswandhono, the girl in the picture is her daughter, Fina. Fina was once terrified of cats, but after her parents adopted 2 kittens her life was changed. Fina now considers the cats her best friends. What is your head, heart, and gut reaction(s) to this photo?


 Isn’t it interesting the different messages our three intelligence centers relay to us about each picture?







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4 thoughts on “Photo entries from the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

  1. Heike Strobel

    Photo entries from the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

    My favorite photo this year is definitely the “Orangutan In The Rain”,
    no doubt the little guy got creative in the rain, may be he saw a human doing
    the same to get shelter but never the less he is able to do the action to find a leave
    and to hold it over his head.

    No wonder Betsy, you also like the Orangutan, he does what you describe in your book
    “The three sources of creativity” :


    1. Lisa McKenna

      I would have to say that the photo that immediately grabbed me (gut?) was the Dreamers photo. To be honest, I was a little taken aback by it, disarmed. I thought the woman could be in danger somehow. I had a sense I wanted to help her (heart?), to keep her safe, to keep her warm. The feathers looked like snow and the photo looked cold to me because of that. I also wondered how the woman is suspended and how the photographer managed this (head?).

      I do love the orangutan, though – he is adorable.

  2. Sandra Koenig

    I also love “Orangutan In The Rain.” There is such a sweetness in this primate’s face, and protecting himself from the rain feels very human.
    Here’s what comes up for me for the three centers:
    head–it’a a beautiful photo
    heart–this little guy seems very present, so it’s easy to feel a warm connection
    gut–the sensuality of the rain

  3. Melanie Reber

    I was completely drawn in by ‘Timeless Affection’. This black and white photo is so rich with layers, textures and meaning to me in particular. The girl and cat were captured at a moment with similar expressions of suspicion and curiosity.


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